Welcome to Steve May’s Webpage at Walla Walla Community College.

I teach classes in Astronomy, Earth Sciences, and Physics.

I began teaching geology here at WWCC in 1989. In the mid 1990s I added astronomy and physics courses to my teaching load and became a full-time instructor. In 1999, in addition to my teaching assignments, I became the Chair of the Science Division, a position I held until June 2004.

Before accepting a full-time teaching appointment at WWCC in 1995, I held both Research and Operations Geophysicists positions with the United States Geological Survey for 17 years. My primary area of interest was the geologic structure and evolution of the Arctic Ocean Basin. One of my career highlights occurred in 1994 when I was part of a research team aboard the United States Coast Guard Cutter Polar Sea, the first US ship to reach the North Pole.

In 1977 I completed my Master’s degree at Stanford University in Exploration Geophysics. I did my undergraduate work at Western Washington University (then known as Western Washington State College), earning a Bachelor’s degree in Geophysics, with minors in Astronomy and Mathematics.