Can you name the 3 most populous Spanish speaking countries in the world? (Scroll down for the answers).

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Muchos saludos a todos mis estudiantes.

As a resident of one of them, it’s fun to learn some Spanish every single day, right along with my students and family. I’m a graduate of Eastern Oregon University and the University of Washington. During the last twenty years, students in WWCC Spanish language courses have ranged from 15 to 85 years old. No matter our age or background, all of us work to acquire written and spoken Spanish, and gain confidence for practical interpersonal communication. Each quarter, we learn about culture, as well, through weekly language exchanges with E.S.L. students and special class guests from Mexico and several other Spanish-speaking countries.

Contact me with any questions you might have regarding your options for the study of Spanish at WWCC and beyond.  Come learn or sharpen your Spanish with us.  ¡Aquí los esperamos!  

— Answers in millions of speakers: Mexico (108), United States (58), Spain (46).