About Me


Jeanine Kay-Shoemake, Ph.D.


B.S. Microbiology, San Diego State University

M.S. Microbiology, San Diego State Univeristy

Ph.D. Biology, emphasis in Environmental Microbiology, Idaho State University

I have worked at San Diego State University, Univ. of CA-San Francisco, Univ. of CA-San Diego, MiraCosta Community College, Idaho State University, Owensboro Community College, Madisonville Community College, Whitman College, and Walla Walla Community College.

I have taught Microbiology for non-science majors, Microbiology for Allied Health Professionals, Microbiology for majors, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Introduction to Chemistry for non-science majors, Environmental Science, Introduction to Biology for non-science majors.