About Me

Photo of Jana Lu Williams

I have a fondness for information, computers, resources, and for teaching information and technology skills to others. Perhaps I am genetically predisposed to this fondness. My paternal grandmother was a computer operator and information manager back when computers took up an entire room. My maternal grandmother was a schoolteacher, an author of our family history, and the music librarian for her church choir. I have been a “gadget girl” for as long as I can remember, and, as a kid, playing teacher was a favorite pastime. My younger cousin was my star pupil. To this day, he claims that I taught him everything he knows!

My twenty-three year career as an Information Systems Manager allowed me the opportunity to interact with people, systems, and information in multiple ways and on multiple levels. While I enjoyed every aspect of those interactions, what I enjoyed the most were the teaching and information service moments. There was nothing more satisfying to me than to be able to help colleagues discover answers to questions and solutions to problems, or teaching them how to use the software and hardware tools available to them, or conducting group training sessions in conjunction with new software releases and upgrades. As the demands of my job began to require me to focus more attention on data and less on people, I came to realize that I would like to be able to do just the opposite.

I believe technology plays an integral role in creating, storing, managing, distributing, accessing, and using information. As much as I love technology and interacting with it, my passion is for helping people discover and use the information and resources that are available to them. Teaching information and technology skills is the one aspect of the information profession that most resonates with my soul. I pursued new directions in my career because I wanted to be able to focus more on helping people with their information needs and on program development and instruction, rather than less. Realizing that my previous job was not going to afford me that opportunity, I decided to pursue a Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS) degree in order to gain even greater expertise where my passions lie.

As an MLIS graduate, I now have the opportunity to spend the rest of my career pursuing my passions. The information profession excites me because there is always more to learn, more to know, and more to share with those whom one serves.  The academic setting excites me because the opportunities to grow are endless.  Working with the WWCC students, faculty, and staff really “floats my boat” and I am having the time of my life!