Post a Document to a Webpage

Here you will learn how to post a document onto your webpage.

1. Upload Your Document to the Media Library
The first step is to upload your document to the Media Library. Please refer to the “Media Library tutorial” to learn how to upload your document.

 Click here to view video tutorial for the below steps.

2. Open your page
Open the page you want to add the document to in editing mode.

3. Click on the Add Media icon

4. Add Media
After clicking the Add Media icon, the Add Media window pops up. By clicking on the Media Library tab located at the top, you will see the files that have been uploaded into your Media Library. Clicking on the “Show” link will display further options.

5. Customize your document link
After clicking “Show”, you’ll see other settings and options for the file/document you want to post. In this section you can place a title for the link. In the “Link URL” box you can see the address to the document that is being linked.

One you’re done, click on the “Insert into Post” buttom located at the bottom of the Add Media pop-up window.

6. Document Posted
After clicking the “Insert into Post” button, a link to your document is now posted onto your webpage.

** ! Don’t forget to save your changes by clicking on the blue “Update” button located on the right side of your edit page mode.