Spanish Medical Interpreter/Translator Program

Next cohort will start in Fall 2017.

Now accepting applications

Prepare to become a Medical Interpreter/Translator

Demand for language access in healthcare community settings is projected to rapidly increase in the next five years. Interpreters and translators on the average earn $21 an hour, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Multiple studies indicate that healthcare settings that employ trained medical interpreters/translators have a higher quality of patient care and patient satisfaction.

Starting this Fall of 2015 our SMIT program will begin our enhanced Online Learning model. The SMIT program’s distance learning features are delivered via an online learning platform called CANVAS which includes:

–          Mini Lectures, assignments and quizzes

–          Terminology exercises submitted through an Audio recording feature

–          Video Chats for Patient Dialogue Practice

Students only need to attend in person at our Walla Walla Campus once per quarter. That means 3 times out of the whole program (9 months).  When students attend on site they will receive instruction in our Simulation- Lab and get to meet other students in the program.

The WWCC SMIT program students are given an opportunity to spend time at a Healthcare Facility providing Language Access services such as interpreting and or translation. Practicum experiences are arranged in their service area to limit travel.  Students can fulfill a portion of their practicum requirements by participating in arranged language access activities at Health fairs, Community Events and completing a 30 hour Video Remote Interpreter practicum.

If you have employees or know of someone interested in interpreter/translator training they will need to fill out an application, schedule and entrance exam at 509-527-4462 and schedule an appointment with me for advising regarding your specific educational needs.

WWCC Spanish Medical Interpreter – YouTube

For more information call 509-527-4462