Walla Walla Community College has a number of terrific Computer Science degree options and I would like to invite you to visit our program.

A choice you are probably thinking about right now is which direction you will take towards a major career decision: getting a job that will train you or higher education after high school? Training gives you specific skills that you can use on the job straight out of high school. Education gives you broader skills that won’t have immediate application, but will in the long run serve you better. It’s basically a choice between a quickie approach and a strategic approach. In our program we try and teach you the details of handling the latest, greatest computer technology. I know that most students have an issue of taking courses that they see as irrelevant to their future. One thing about attending our school is that we are a vocational program so we limit the amount of irrelevant courses you need to take. We are directed by an advisory board this is made up of local business people that will be hiring you when you have completed your degree. This board looks at what we are teaching and gives us direction in creating new curriculum that you will need to get a job once you have completed your degree. I know money may also be concern and that is where community college shines. Besides being cheaper we also have jobs on and off campus to help you differ some of the cost of your education. Over ½ our students are working while attending college.