About Me


My name is Donna Young. I’ve worked for WWCC in a number of positions since November, 1990.

I started my career with WWCC at what is affectionately known as the “North Campus” — WWCC at Washington State Penitentiary — as a Data Entry Operator. My primary duty was inputting data and outputting reports that controlled the movement of inmate/students coming to and leaving education programs. The job quickly evolved into a financial/budget planning position that came with the title Office Assistant III. I cannot say enough about the high quality of my co-workers at the WSP campus programs. Working at a prison is tough duty and those folks were absolutely devoted the goal of lighting the spark that would lead inmates out of the correctional system and into long-term living-wage employment.

In 2000 I accepted the position of Secretary Senior in the Office of Workforce Effectiveness on WWCC’s main campus. Our primary duties included grant writing, contract and budget tracking, and follow-up for WWCC’s workforce programs. Again, what a great crew of folks devoted to finding every piece of funding possible and squeezing every dollar for the best benefit of the students!

In 2010 I was moved to the Technology Center to fill the front desk position, still as a Secretary Senior, and have been here since serving quite a diverse group of programs and instructional staff! From agriculture to engineering; from computers to carpentry; and from air conditioning to golf management — what an challenging and exciting place to work!

Feel free to drop by any time to chat with us about your ambitions. We’ll be tickled to put you in touch with a program advisor that can help you define your educational goals so you can reach your dreams.

See you soon!