Outcomes Revision

The purpose of the Outcomes Review Committee is to provide feedback on your outcomes to make sure they accurately represent the skills your students are learning in the classroom. The Outcomes Review Committee does NOT evaluate or approve outcomes. It is more like a workshop in which outcomes and assessment practices are discussed and recommendations are given before the outcomes are taken to the Curriculum Committee for approval.

Outcomes need to be reviewed and revised every 5 years to keep pace with current research in both teaching and assessment. We recently mapped all of our courses to new college-wide indicators for the purposes of assessment, so this is our opportunity to make sure our course-level outcome match up with that alignment.

To be done well, the outcomes review process should start about two months prior to the committee meeting and involve input from every member of the department from all locations and modes of instruction. It will involve looking at the current outcomes for each course, comparing them to current instructional practices, and reframing them into specific and measurable language.

Outcomes Revision Guide

Outcomes Alignment Worksheet

When you get to the meeting, the committee will have read over the outcomes for each course, but they will start by asking you to take them through the alignment worksheet for just one of the courses in your program.

After that, they will ask for clarification on some outcomes statements that might have been confusing as they read through them, and then they will probably make some wording suggestions to think about before you take the outcomes to curriculum.

After you leave the meeting, it will be up to your chair or dean to put the revised outcomes on the next available Curriculum Committee agenda so that the MCO of each course can be revised and the new outcomes can be included on the syllabus for each course.