Required Texts for ENGL 111

This is a list of materials you will need to obtain on your own, or gain access to, during the course of the quarter if you want to be successful in ENGL& 111: Intro to Lit.

Fall 2018

Rebecca, a novel by Daphne du Maurier

Sweat, a play by Lynn Nottage

The Arrival, a graphic novel by Shaun Tan

Walkout (2006), a film by Edward James Olmos


Provided Readings:

Various poems and short stories


Sixteen Wounded, a play by Eliam Kraiem

This play has had a short run on Broadway but the text of the play has not yet been published in a form easily accessible or affordable by students, so our best option is to listen to the LA Theater Works production, which originally aired on NPR.

Here’s where you can find it:

You can order it directly from LA Theater Works for $25.95 – That looks like the best price we can get for it on CD.

Barnes & Noble has it for download in mp3 format for $13

And I have been told that you can download it from iTunes for under $11.

Amazon has it in text form and CD form (but I prefer that you get the audio version).

You can download it from for $14. (Probably not your best option unless you have downloaded from Audible before)

There are also copies on reserve at the WWCC and Clarkston Libraries. (But this will not be the most convenient option because you won’t be able to take it home)

The Complete Persepolis, a graphic novel by Marjane Satrapi

If you are in Walla Walla County, you can order a copy from one of our libraries, since it was the Walla Walla Reads selection for 2008.

Do the Right Thing, a film by Spike Lee

Obviously, you don’t have to purchase this movie – I will have a copy on reserve at the WWCC library, but if you can’t make it into town, I am sure you can rent it from Hastings, Blockbuster, Netflix (You can stream it instantly on Netflix with a trial account) or your local grocery store. It will probably take multiple viewings anyway.

Sita Sings the Blues, an animated film by Nina Paley

You can rent this from your local video store or from Netflix, but it will probably be easier to download it (free! in a variety of formats) straight from the website: