ENGL 101/102 linked courses


Linked Year Schedule

WWCC is offering a series of degree requirement courses linked with composition classes to assist students with the major writing assignments in those courses.

The English composition portion of this class is designed to move students through two quarters of composition, ENGL 101 and ENGL 102, in a single quarter while providing support for writing assignments in the linked course. However, students who have already completed ENGL 101 can take it at the ENGL 102 level, and ENGL 101 students who don’t write at an ENGL 102 level by the end of the quarter can still get credit for ENGL 101.

Signing up for the ENGL 101 or ENGL 102 section will automatically enroll you in the linked section.


  • Turn in the same final research paper in both classes.
  • Get the support of two instructors for the same assignments and research
  • Join a community of learners to share ideas and techniques
  • Possibly earn credit for both ENGL 101 and ENGL 102 in a single quarter

Here’s the schedule for the 2016/17 academic year:

Fall: PHIL 115 – Critical Thinking^D. Writing and Critical thinking are two essential college survival and employment skills. Critical Thinking counts for both Humanities and Diversity degree requirements.

PHIL 115 with Jennifer Bayne-Lemma is offered at 11:30; ENGL 101 (7358) and ENGL 102 (7351) with David Owens are offered at 12:30

Winter: SOC 101: Intro to Sociology^D. Earn a chance for a $500 scholarship. Intro to Sociology^D counts for both Social Science and Diversity degree requirements.

SOC 101 with Susan Palmer; ENGL 101/102 with David Owens

Spring: AGPR 201: Soil Science.  Get your hands dirty. Soil Science counts as a Natural Science Lab degree requirement.

AGPR 201 with Matt Williams; ENGL 101/102 with David Owens

Student Testimonials:

  • “By combining English class with Soil Science class, I was provided the opportunity to stay focused on the subject of Soil Science while learning English skills at the same time.”
  • “It was great having two classes with a group of classmates who were on the same track. We were able to work closely with each other and bounce ideas off one another.”
  • “Having our Soils class in partnership with English gave us a way to apply that information and better retain it.”
  • “Having the linked system also allowed me to improve in multiple classes without an overbearing amount of studying since the workload overlapped.”

Interested? Questions? Contact David Owens at [email protected]; phone: (509) 527 4425; text: (541) 600 4425